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Monday, December 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Sylvie S C

I think it's such a rare thing that I actually am able to get a video-journal out this fast, but I did! On saturday just passed, I did a fashion & beauty photoshoot with Sylvie S C & photographer Andrei Kalamkarov and the results we created were wonderful. Take a look at my montage:

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Photos!

New photos from my practice session on tuesday!

I would like it noted that while I am doing alot of "before & after" photos, this is not meant to suggest that a women is not beautiful without make-up. In fact I think the contrary, women are beautiful  natural, especially from the inside; heart & mind. I find women who are comfortable with their natural beauty have a glow in their eyes.

 This said, wearing make-up frequently is not healthy for your skin or body; you absorb alot through your skin. However, the body is built to deal with toxins so like anything, all good things in moderation.It is totally fun to wear make-up once in a while, even a few times a week (but please let your skin have a break), but not if your sense of self or confidence is dependent on the make-up. You must love yourself before anyone can learn to love you.