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Photos, Film and Stage

Make-up for stage, film or photos?
Make-up for both film, photos & stage use techniques that dramatize & alter our features both to convey a character & to deal with the lighting conditions.
(More information about the services is available below.)

Theatre & Stage:
Prices vary depending on the circumstances, & I am open to negotiation for theatre projects that I like.
To give you a quote, I need to know:
How many faces do you need prepared? Male or female? How many shows are there? How many make-up changes for one actor? What is the style needed? Do you need any special effects, if yes, do you need prosthetics?

Kit fee is $25 per show.

$100 per hour for me to come on location to you, (prices are subject to change) + $25 kit fee. Some additional travel fees may apply, depending on the location. Flat rates are negotiable.

Depends on how long the contract is, circumstances & details of the job, rates for short & long term contracts are fair and meet industry standards. However, if it is a one off contract, for example, one make-up for one day of filming, then normal beauty make-up service prices apply (click here for these rates). Flat rates for the day are negotiable. Email or phone to discuss.

About the Techniques:
Theatrical Make-up
Features need to be dramatized to be seen from far away, and often characters may be very fantastical such as productions like the "Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" or "Cats". I provide you with 15 years of experience in theatrical & fantasy make-up.

Special Effects
I can age someone, turn you into a zhombie (film or theatre style), give you cuts or bruises, make you into a monster (prosthetics cost extra), a faerie, an elf and more.  I do not offer advanced special effects at this time (building prosthetics from scratch, custom fit prosthetics et cetera).

About Make-up for Film & Photos

I am able to provide high definition make-up supplies that include products from Make-up Forever, & MAC. I am set up to provide for men & women of all ethnicities. I will want to do a screen test to make sure that there are no adjustments needed to the make-up. 

Make-up for film & photos is needed to be more dramatic & exaggerated, depending on the needs of the character, yet clean & sharp, so that in high definition film, the details will still look superb up close. 
Chris as Reggie (the 2 men in the photos are the SAME MAN)

If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

About Make-up for Stage

Make-up for the stage needs to be seen from far away, and as such, everything is bold, sharp & colorful. My personal sense of style is to also make sure the make-up won't look tacky up close, to me, elegant & clean work is professional. 
If you have any questions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Prices Are Subject to Change.