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About the Services:

Elegant & clean, bridal make-up is worked until perfection, and will take up to to 90 minutes to apply, depending on your needs. 

The make-up for the bride's mother & brides maids will take up to 1 hour each.

You can have a facial done for an extra fee of $30; hand made organic & natural products. Facials should be done 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day to give your body time to purge any inpurities which may surface on your skin. (Prices are subject to change.)

Packages are listed below.

Bridal Home Service:
$120 per hour + travel fee.

On a Budget?
$80 per hour at my home based studio conveniently located downtown Montreal on rue MacKay.

Book your trial make-up appointment 3-4 weeks in advanced so that we have time to establish your look and address any special needs you may have.  

You are not obligated to hire me if you do a trial make-up with me. Finding the right make-up artist for your wedding is like finding the right doctor or the right hairdresser or the right husband, not all matches are good matches and that is ok.

Trial Bridal Home Service:
$200 flat rate (you get a $40 discount) for a 2 hour session. Book me for the wedding day, then the $200 you paid for the test make-up will then be a deposit towards your Bridal Package.

Package Deals:
All packages come with a free product for the bride (choice of mineral make-ups: eyeshadow, lipstick pot, tinted lip balm or regenerative face & body bees wax cream).

Package #1: Small Wedding Party
1 Bride, 1 bride's mother, 2 brides maids, 1 test make-up for the bride in her home (2 hour session): Value of $690. but you can have this package for $610. ($80 savings).

Package #2:
1 Bride, 1 bride's mother, 3 brides maids, 3 flower girls, 1 test make-up for the bride in her home (2 hour session): Value of $960. but you can have this package for $860 ($100 savings).

Package #3: Large Wedding Party

Package #4: Eccentric Wedding
Prices Are Subject to Change.

Do you want Henna or Mehndi?

Henna & mehndi are essentially the same thing except that in this context, I am using the traditional Indian name for henna, which is "mehndi" to imply traditional application methods. To have more information about my henna services, please go to my main website at:

Do you want elegant body art? 

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